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Free Download:(mixtape EP) Cool Landlord-:songs from the room

"Cool Landlord: songs from the room" Why? ...because on one High ass night, that sounded good? Kind of ;)...but more precisely, this was the optimistic thought in our minds when we finally found a place to live in NY after leaving NO in '05 We tought that we'd found a Cool Landlord... Wild thing is, the landlord who inspired the moniker turned out to be clinically damn insane! This collection of late night smokey roomed ditties isn't all about my ex-landlord at all...more about the time period in which we stayed in that place...a lil time capsule I did these joints at the crib in Bedstuy using Garage Band. I left in all the mistakes and chance occurrences for pure authenticity... ;) dig it FREE DOWNLOAD: COOL LANDLORD:songsfromtheroom