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"Kemp is s a great soul singer, he seems determined to create something different and uniquely personal."   Read More>>

"Tondrae Kemp deftly balances suave crooning with gritty urgency on a set of all-original material."   Read More>>

"Kemp can sing like Sam Cooke, but with Sun Money, he is far from simply offering up the old school."   Read More>>

"He’s soulful, with a dash of folk, a little bit reggae and a slight peppering of everything else in-between."   Read More>>

"Tondrae Kemp might not quite be the modern equivalent of a Curtis Mayfield or Donny Hathaway, but he just might be the closest that any modern artist has come. Sun Money is one of the true underrated gems of 2012."   Read More>>

"Sun Money is ambitious, fresh, breezy, an overall good time with plenty of personality."   Read More>>

"Faith and money are often mentioned as tools of "Happiness," though neither ever seem to arrive at the same time."   Read More>>

"Bluesy and gritty."   Read More>>

"Bluesy Louisiana singer Tondrae Kemp already has us smitten with sexy soulful crooning."   Read More>>